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About IOSH

IOSH known as The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health has the largest network of health and safety professionals. The character body is known well for its high standards when it comes to advocating and training the next generation of health and safety experts, for organisations of any size. IOSH is currently active in over 130 countries with the goal to ensure work environments are healthier, safer and more sustainable. They attain this through many different ways, including, helplines, professional progression programmes, events, and the latest technical advice. All techniques listed help pass on essential knowledge and skills to learners and their colleagues, highlighting the benefits of an IOSH qualification.

Furthermore, IOSH focuses on enhancing all safety standards to ensure that health, safety and the wellbeing of staff are protected at all times. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health works closely with governments and assist policymakers across the world. Together, they help commission research, improve standards, and create large campaigns to spread awareness of the importance of health and safety at the workplace.

Established in 1945, IOSH is a renowned leader in occupational safety and health. It has brought about real change with work environments being much safer for employees. Businesses from all industries understand the importance of IOSH, a qualification gained from them ensures individuals are equipped with the right skill set to promote health and safety within a work environment.          



Globally recognised qualification - Within Health and Safety, IOSH is the sole chartered professional body for work environments. Every year more than 179,000 individuals become certified through one of its courses. Each of these professionals is highly-respected when obtaining an IOSH qualification by employers in all industries.

Enhanced knowledge and skills - Managers or supervisors who are responsible for the health and safety in the workplace will benefit from the advanced knowledge and critical thinking from an IOSH course. Therefore, once certified, all professionals will be able to successfully implement health and safety processes, prevent workplace hazards, and increase the overall standard of health and safety in the workplace.     

Flexibility when learning - Once enrolled, all students have the ability to study the course from any device. They can decide their own schedule to fit around other commitments while learning from any location that is suitable. Thus, preventing any timetable change to prior interests and hobbies.

A wide range of subjects covered - IOSH incorporates many topics into their programmes. For example, they include safety, health, and workplace concepts that are essential for the field. By studying all the essential subjects in one course, professionals will benefit from efficient learning.

The leading course material - Learners will be able to take the advantage of all up-to-date course content that is provided. This includes, but is not limited to interactive course material, online learning, quizzes, mock tests and more. All being essential for passing the exam and progressing in the career path chosen.   


Career Opportunities

Both small and large businesses require occupational health and safety professionals to run smoothly. Therefore, demand for certificated individuals in this field is high. Billions of pounds are paid out each year due to hazards in the workplace. A qualification with IOSH not only ensures employees are kept safe but can reduce overall business costs.

Health professionals wanting to specialise in a certain field can do so easily with an IOSH qualification. These fields include terrorism, offshore oil and gas, becoming a specialised consultant, or more. Courses provided cater for all experience levels, helping individuals find the one most suitable.

The skills and knowledge individuals currently possess can be greatly enhanced through a tailored IOSH course. All courses equip professionals with the latest market knowledge needed for the field. Whether graduates want to acquire a health and safety management role or learn the foundation of occupational health and safety, an IOSH qualification will help improve your CV and grab the attention of potential employers.       


Which certification

All courses that are supplied by IOSH are solely created by the accreditation body. This allows for the syllabus to be modified frequently to adapt to any present changes, no matter the industry, or content level.

Alongside IOSH creating syllabuses for other renowned health and safety courses, they provide niche courses that are designed for managing safely and workplace assessors.  

Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to enhance your current skills or looking to start your career in occupational health and safety, the courses offered by IOSH are provided at different levels. Thus, making them suitable for all.

Any individual interested in becoming a health and safety manager, or other professional that needs a thorough understanding of occupational health and safety would benefit greatly. 

The current courses we provide from IOSH include:

How to get certified

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